Selling gold in NYC.

A comprehensive guide to selling your gold in New York City.
The process of selling gold is easier than you think. All one needs to do is find a reputable gold buyer that will weigh, test the gold and pay you accordingly. Accessible and conveniently located on fifth Avenue in Midtown. Manhattan Buyers Inc. is your go to choice for selling gold in NYC. With over 20 years of gold buyingExperience Manhattan buyers has a loyal customer base and is here to answer any gold Jewelry related question you may have. We or a top rated gold Buyer for a reason and have many accolade And have been featured in
TV And newspapers for our friendly customer service and gold buying knowledge. Manhattan Buyers Inc. Is Rated A+ by BBB, and has a 4.8/5 rated Google rating. Here’s our Guide on how to sell gold in NYC.
Sell Broken Gold or Scrap Gold
  1. The first step of selling gold is to actually have gold. Most of us already have gold somewhere in our house. Some of the gold we wear we still like and has sentimental value to us. But there’s always that ring or chain that reminds us of a past relationship we no longer need to think about. Or in many cases the ring Or bracelet is broken or doesn’t fit and we don’t need it anymore. So why not turn it into cash?.
  2. Do not throw Anything away way After going through each and every drawer Of the house we now have a bunch of gold or what we think is gold to sell. If you can’t remember or recall if a particular item is real gold or some sort of gold plated or gold filled piece of jewelry please do not discard it. We at Manhattan Buyers recommend that you bring every item that you are sure or unsure about.
  3. Now that you have your gold you need reputable gold buyer. A reputable gold buyer Should be using todays gold market price. A reputable gold buyer should have a website that is concise and informative. A reputable gold Buyer should be easily searchable online and should have an address with consistent hours posted. We at Manhattan Buyers take our reputation for buying gold very seriously. We provide a free over the phone assessment all of your gold. Selling gold to us is very easy and hassle free. Our office is located on fifth Avenue in New York City where it is safe and easy to get to.
  4. After researching and calling or emailing to schedule an appointment. You will arrive at your appointment but please do not forget a valid state or government issued identification card. At our gold and jewelry buying offices you will be greeted by our front desk. At which time one Of our experienced gold jewelry buyers Will approach you and show you to a private office where your gold will be tested and its value will be assessed.
  5. Sitting down and testing all of your gold or potential gold is done in front of you by one of our experienced gold buyers. They will test and separate all of the items in front of you. You can add this time ask as many questions and are encouraged to do so. We will weight outAnd separate all of your gold from real and fake. We will also separate the gold based on its carat. Gold typically Comes in carrots starting from 10 karat and goes all the way up to 24 karat or pure gold. Keep in mind when selling gold that the gold buyer you go to is using That days price.
  6. After separating and calculating and testing all of your gold our gold wire will present you with an offer price. Fair market value for gold is Usually between 80% to 95% of that days price. These percentages vary Because of the amount of content or purity the gold has. The more pure your gold is the higher percentage rate you will be paid. Anyone that tells you they are paying higher than 95% for your gold is a lying to you. Over the 95 percentile Is reserved for refining and gold bullion.
  7. Selling gold can be a stressful and confusing experience. We at Manhattan Buyers are here to make that experience easy and friendly. With the information we provide you before and during your gold sale transaction You will feel that you’re on your way to become a gold selling expert.
  8. Payment should be made on the spot and can be made by cash or check. At Manhattan Buyers we go a step further by offering you better, quicker And safer transactions. We not only offer cash or check payments but can also initiate wires or make bank certified checks.
  9. Manhattan Buyers Inc. will go the extra mile to make a customer happy and confident about there gold selling transaction. If you have any further questions regarding the sale of your gold jewelry please contact us below.