Why should I sell to Manhattan Buyers?
Manhattan Buyers provides all of our customers with real education about the jewelry and the value of each item. Even if you don’t choose our services you will be educated enough not to get scammed by thousands of con artist pretending to be the real thing. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority!
Does Manhattan Buyers Offer a Price Match Guarantee?
Our expert appraisers evaluate Diamond Jewelry, Gold Jewelry and Luxury Watches based upon the value of the workmanship and market desirability . And we are so confident that our assessment of the true value of your items gets you the maximum payout, that we will MATCH any written offer from any of our competitors. Offers must be from a jewelry store or a jewelry buying service, and must be in writing on the company letter head. The jewelry store or jewelry buying service will be verified by Manhattan Buyers.
Is Manhattan Buyers a Licensed Second Hand Dealer by the Department of Consumer Affairs?
Yes. Manhattan Buyers is Licensed both as Second Hand Dealer and as a Pawnbroker.
How do we calculate the payout for GOLD?
We Pay unto 98% for all gold, melted and refined at our facility. This is based on the gold trading price.

Gold Spot Price is $1350/ounce for pure gold (.999 or 24 carat gold)
14 carat gold that is refined is 58.5% pure.
To calculate the payout price: $1350-41.5% = $789.75/ounce for 14 carat gold. Minus 2% equals to $773.95(This number would be your maximum payout)
How much will I receive for my item(s)?
We establish the proper payment for your items by these predetermined factors: the karat percentage, weight of your items, and the set market price at the time. If you have a broken ring, or a perfect gold chain the payment would not be influenced by the aesthetics of your items but mostly on the weight and karat percentage. In other words, the greater the weight of your products, the higher the payout to you.
How quickly can I expect my payment if i mail in my Gold?
No one likes to wait for their money. If you accept our offer we will mail you a check the same day via Fedex Overnight or UPS Overnight. Please see our Free Gold Kit page for Further details.
Can I visit your store to sell my valuables in person?
We are conveniently located in the center of Manhattan in the Diamond Exchange District. Our walk-in hours are Monday through Friday 10AM to 5:30PM but we highly recommend calling and scheduling an appointment before your visit.

If i come in person. How fast do i get my money?

You won’t need to wait long for your money. If you accept our offer we will pay you cash on the spot. If you prefer not carry too much cash, we can also give you a Bank check.
Do you pay for the semi-precious stones in the jewelry settings?
Our payouts for semi-precious stones are based on their current resale value.
Tips for Selling Gold
Only sell to a licensed secondhand dealer. Businesses buying and selling gold in New York City must be licensed as a secondhand dealer and sometimes also as a pawnbroker. Check if the location buying your gold is licensed by calling 311 or visiting nyc.gov/consumers.

The buyer has to tell you the weight (measured in Troy weight) and the quality (measured in karats) of the gold and the price per unit that’s used to determine how much you’re being offered. If you ask for this information and they won’t give it, walk away.

Bring your ID. Gold buyers are required by law to check your ID. Don’t sell to a buyer who doesn’t ask for ID.