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I recently sold my wedding band set and after a quick google search of the many diamond brokers in NYC, I reached out to five, plus the store in Upstate where the set was originally purchased. Wedding/Engagement rings are not only very valuable, but emotionally tied to you, so it can be very difficult to know what you are getting is fair, so I will ONLY work with Manhattan Buyers from now on for a several important reasons: Fair: Of the three buyers in NYC that I actually ended up showing the rings to, all three including Manhattan buyers were in agreement about the quality of the stones. The main stone was deeply set in gold and there was some question about being able to see it for what it was. My set came with an EGL certification which is not GIA certification (know EGL is not specific or respected as GIA, and buyers are very cautious as a result …there is a big difference!). I also had an written estimate of what the original jeweler would buy it back from me for (25% of what they sold it to me for BTW). Without knowledge of that estimate, Arthur quoted me within $50! Although I was disappointed that the value was much lower than what it originally cost (READ I paid much too much for this set originally), I got the BEST price from Manhattan Buyers AND it was just what the jeweler who knew the stone would give me to buy it back. Honest: I was amazed by the whole process of how diamonds are marked up as they move out of NYC. They were clear on how and why it happens and what I can do to ensure I don’t over pay next time, which actually made sense. I cannot stress enough, his quote was almost exactly what the original jeweler who actually knew the stone, offered to buy it back. Although he offered me cash, I was nervous traveling with that much money, so he wrote me a check. I must admit I was concerned about that too, but he reassured me, and in fact the check cleared quickly, without a problem at my local bank. Professional, yet very personable: From the very start, they responded to me quickly via email and phone. I got an estimate over the phone – it was a range, but it gave me a ballpark which was helpful. They adjusted my first appt time easily due to travel issues. Both Arthur and Aba knew their business, spoke directly and frankly, but were kind, open and understanding to my situation. I called the next day unexpectedly (30 mins prior to their closing time) to finalize the transaction due to my work schedule and Arthur came in immediately to meet with me, paid me what he quoted me and I was on my way feeling really good about the transaction. Selling something so valuable and sentimental is a difficult process…and Arthur and Aba made it so much easier. Fair, Honest and Professional in a business that can be tricky to navigate is what sets Manhattan Buyers apart. And if you want to BUY a diamond, go to the source, NYC, for the best price for the highest quality and see Arthur or Aba at Manhattan Buyers.