What do we do?

Our experts here at Manhattan buyers offer unrivaled fine jewelry, diamond, luxury watch, and gold buying service for those living in Manhattan, The New York area, and beyond.

So what does an average day look like for our specialists here at Manhattan buyers? Let’s take a look below at some of the services we offer to help you sell your luxury watches, prestige jewelry, and gold.

Who we are

Since our inception 10 years ago at our offices in 5th Avenue Suite, we’ve worked with thousands of customers and have some of the best experts in the industry.

As a leading jewelry buyer in New York and around the world, we combine robust pricing with unparalleled customer service and professionalism.

A team of leading industry experts with experience in numerous areas of buying luxury items. From buying platinum, and unbranded gold jewelry, right through to Cartier watches and diamonds.

Let’s take a look below at our professional and expert team.

Arthur Abrams

Arthur’s primary area expertise is G.I.A. Diamonds and luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Cartier, and Patek Philippe. His main role at Manhattan Buyers Inc. is brokering large financial deals and purchasing large multi-layered estates. Although his true specialty is negotiating and buying, he also enjoys getting involved with all our everyday day to day activities. With almost 25 years of experience, Albert is our senior buyer and as such, has most likely bought every type of jewelry or diamond that the market has to offer. He has also been featured many times on news television programs and local news including

● Bloomberg Television’s Pimm Fox’s show.

Albert A Jonah

Albert is one of the industry’s most highly regarded jewelry and fine watch experts. He has been referred to by many of the industry leaders as “the future of estate and rare jewelry pieces.” Alberts expertise lies in signed pieces by such heavyweight luxury brands as:

● Harry Winston
● Van Cleef and Arpels
● Cartier
● Tiffany & Co,

Albert also has a specialism and particular interest in rare, hard to find, and rare exotic jewelry.

Affiliations & Memberships

So now you’ve met the team, let’s take a look at the most well respected and high-value commodities known in our modern world, Gold and how we can help you to get a fair price for this and other precious metals.

We buy gold and other precious metals

Gold is respected throughout the world for its value and rich history, which has been interwoven into cultures for thousands of years.

Before you entrust your precious metals to any gold, platinum, or silver buyer in the Manhattan area and indeed anywhere in New York and beyond, it’s important to check credentials.

Our experts here are:

● Well established with the Department of Consumer Affairs
● Have been in our location now for a decade at our office here on 5th Avenue
● Use up to date daily gold, silver, and other precious metal prices

Our licensed Jewelers provide face to face assessments and appraisals of your platinum, gold, and silver while offering immediate payment.

You can guarantee our specialist team will make sure your valuable asset purchase will be undertaken with the utmost professionalism by our skilled team of buyers.“Our licensed Jewelers provide face to face assessments and appraisals of your platinum, gold, and silver while offering immediate payment.”

We Buy Diamonds

Along with the purchase of gold, the most luxurious watch brands, elegant and beautiful fine jewelry including a specialism in rarer and exotic jewelry, we also purchase the most prized of all gems, Diamonds.

Here at Manhattan buyers, we understand how important it is to offer a discreet, secure and relaxed environment to sell your precious jewels.

We go as far as to say that we make selling your diamonds as pleasurable as the original buying experience!

As one of the metro area of New York’s leading Diamond buying experts, and a Certified Diamond Buyer in New York City, we know that there are elements of the selling experience which are absolutely non-negotiable.

We can provide a smooth seamless transaction by:

  • Reflecting the current Market
  • Dealing in any size of diamonds through from small, medium, to large
  • Offering an outstanding service
  • Ensuring a swift always secure and friendly selling experience for our  clients

You can guarantee that we have expert knowledge based on our collective team’s experience of over 30 years, of any luxury brand you can think of, including:

  • Cartier
  • Harry Winston
  • Van Cleef and Arpels
  • Tiffany and Co
  • Many other brands

“We go as far as to say that we make selling your diamonds as pleasurable as the original buying experience!”

We buy and sell luxury watch brands

We also understand that it’s crucial to provide a swift and reliable service to enable you to sell your luxury watches brands, such as Cartier, Patek Philippe, Rolex, and other well-known luxury brands all with complete confidence.

Our experts examine all items to identify counterfeit and stolen watches before making an offer.

So let’s take look at how else we guarantee the best, professional luxury watch buying service in Manhattan:

  • We only buy genuine and authenticated timepieces
  • Thorough knowledge and deep understanding of all luxury watch brands
  • We provide a safe and secure environment to sell your Cartier and other brands of fine timepieces
  • We buy new and vintage Cartier watches
  • We purchase both gents and ladies’ watches for competitive prices.
  • We offer fair evaluations

“We also understand that it’s crucial to provide a swift and reliable service

to enable you to sell your luxury watch brands with complete confidence”

Buy and sell fine jewelry

Here at Manhattan Buyers Inc, our outstanding and knowledgeable team have purchased almost every kind of Jewelry the market has to offer.

Well known luxury brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Graff, Harry Winston through to none branded items such as chains, rings, and bracelets made of Gold or Platinum.

You can guarantee our prices will not only reflect the cash value of the piece, but we will also take into account desirability, design, and craftsmanship in order to offer you the best possible price.

Collateral Loans

Manhattan Buyers guarantee a quick, convenient, and confidential way for you to borrow money without a credit check or employment verification!

We are able to offer loans from smaller amounts right through to $10 million dollars.

Simply bring along your valuable items, and we will swiftly negotiate a cash loan price while holding your items as collateral until you return.

“We are able to offer loans from smaller amounts

right through to $10 million dollars.”

What people say about us

The reviews and great reception we’ve gathered from a wealth of satisfied customers have set Manhattan Buyers apart from the rest!

These positive acreditations from real-time buyers have been demonstrated in a range of publications and media outlets including:

  • CNN
  • Wallstreet Journal
  • Bloomberg,
  • SmartMoney
  • Many more

Our reviews give our potential customers confidence in our swift, secure, and always friendly service. This attention to detail is one of the main reasons we are the No.1 Jewelry buyer in the Manhattan and New York area.

Let’s take a look at some of our review stats.

  • Voted 4.8 on Google reviews
  • 5/5 on Facebook
  • 5/5 on the Staten Island Business Directory

Here’s what a couple of our customers have to say:

“Albert at Manhattan Buyers was straight forward, personable, and made sure I left the office happy.  Most importantly I felt SAFE in the MBNYC offices on 5th Avenue.  The transaction was quick, easy, and took less than 15 minutes.  I will definitely call Albert for my next Rolex!”

“Great experience dealing with Albert. He was fair, honest, and very informative. Very easy to deal with. Do business with confidence here.”

So if you have an inquiry, then you’re in safe hands. Contact us now, and we’ll do our very best to help with your luxury sale or purchase.